Healing by Contacting Your Cells, published in 2008, is written in a quick, easy-to-read, e-mail style.  It is a true account of a spiritual journey taken by the authors to find a cure for cancer signals not responding to standard or alternative medical treatments.  They had no maps for their journey to show which roads to travel or even what the terrain looked like ahead.  They had only their intuition.  With that, they forged ahead without looking back, taking many, many roads, and in the end, there was success.  This unique book can be viewed as a roadmap with pointers that can be used to create spiritual journeys for others with similar disease problems.

The book is also published in Japanese and in Dutch.


What Can You Do To Help Our World?, published 2012, is packed with ideas for you to spark a dream that can be turned into a reality.  Salva Dut dreamed of drilling water in the desert.  He started with nothing and today he has drilled many.  Rigoberta Menchu Tum wanted to help youth and today she has a Nobel Peace Prize.  Lend-A-Hand India teaches job skills.  UN Women helps women.  The book has over sixty suggestions on education, health, building skills, preservation of the environment, garden projects, and much more. 


Journal Excerpts from the Ring of Fire, published in 2014, written only by Barbara Wolf, relates to exciting travels to the Pacific area, often called the Ring of Fire. Today we are reading about earthquakes, tsunamis, and volcanic events.  We need to bring peace to Mother Earth so she can find healing and balance.  In ancient times, a Lemurian civilization with advanced thoughts lived in the Pacific area.  Their knowledge, held in the memories of human consciousness, can be tapped to help Mother Earth today.  The past is not lost. This book begins with contact with them. Come with Barbara as she taps these memories.



  • Chapter 1  Mount Shasta, Meeting the Lemurians

  • Chapter 2  Kauai, Island of Love

  • Chapter 3  Maui, Island of the Sun

  • Chapter 4  The Big Island of Hawaii, Pele's Home

  • Chapter 5  Oahu, Home of Diamond Head

  • Chapter 6  Tahiti and Rarotonga

  • Chapter 7  Java

  • Chapter 8  Bali

  • Chapter 9 Japan -- Oshima, Sakurajima, Mount Fuji

  • Chapter 10 New Zealand

  • Chapter 11 Fiji

  • Chapter 12 Removing Excess Energy from the Ring of Fire


2013 and Beyond, published in 2013, counters the dire prediction that life on our planet was ready to end probably December 21 or 22, 2012. We authors did not believe this, and, in fact, we believed the opposite. Our planet was ready for a new beginning. Yes, we agree there are many fractures on Mother Earth, most caused by those living on her. We are actively addressing these problems, and we write about our endeavors. When you read our book, maybe you too will look for ways to help our planet live a long, long time.



  • Ruby Fire Crystal

  • Bimini And Ruby Fire Crystal

  • Big Island Of Hawaii

  • Alaska

  • Japan

  • Brazil, Post Atlantean Work

  • Arkansas

  • Toronto And The Niagara Escarpment

  • The Michigan Niagara Escarpment

  • New York City

  • Glossary


2013 and Beyond Part II, published 2014, written by author Barbara Wolf, a world lecturer, and founder of a vast Internet organization called Global Meditations Network. Author Margaret Anderson has the ability to receive channeling, and the book contains messages from the whales and dolphins, the Spirit of the Mediterranean Sea, Athena, the Goddess of Wisdom, etc.  In this book they travel to Iceland, Greece, France, The Netherlands, Italy, Switzerland, and more!



  • Iceland

  • Delphi And Athens

  • Crete

  • More Athens

  • Southern France

  • The Netherlands

  • Italy

  • Switzerland

  • Istanbul

  • India

  • Glossary


2014 World Journals, published 2014, continues Barbara and Margaret’s exciting work of helping Mother Earth. They go to the Pacific, Africa, and the Middle East.  In addition, they go to Native American conferences and they broadcast weekly via SKYPE to PAX TV in Brazil.



  • Chapter 1   Pacific Ocean - California
    (Joint Journals)

  • Chapter 2   Africa - Uganda
    (Barbara Journal)

  • Chapter 3  Africa - Uganda
    (Margaret Journal)

  • Chapter 4  The Middle East - Qatar
    (Barbara Journal)

  • Chapter 5  The Middle East - Qatar
    (Margaret Journal)

  • Chapter 6  New York City
    (Barbara Journal)

  • Chapter 7  Indian Point Nuclear Power Plant
    (Joint Journals)

  • Chapter 8  Healer Braco
    (Joint Journals)

  • Chapter 9   Star Knowledge Conference, Nashville, Tennessee
    (Joint Journals)

  • Chapter 10  Niagara Falls
    (Joint Journals)

  • Chapter 11  Loveland, Colorado, Star Knowledge Conference
    (Joint Journals)

  • Glossary


2015 World Healing, published 2015, is a healing book pointing to Mother Earth and humanity coping with weather abnormalities, earthquakes and volcanic eruptions as well as planetary cyclic events such as the Solstice, Equinox and Eclipse. We give remedies to achieve Peace, Harmony, and Balance to help the natural and human world.  We write about using Vortexes from the Higher Worlds brought down by Native Americans to help Mother Earth during these times of change and upheaval.  We work closely with the Aborigine Spirits to halt a fierce cyclone coming down on Australia.



  • Chapter 1   Winter Solstice - New York City

  • Chapter 2   Weather

  • Chapter 3   Pacific Plate Movements - Japan

  • Chapter 4   More Pacific Ocean Plate Movements

  • Chapter 5   Hawaii, The Big Island

  • Chapter 6   Los Angeles Conscious Life Expo

  • Chapter 7   Equinox, Solar Eclipse, UN Peace Bell - New York City

  • Chapter 8   Washington D.C. Cherry Blossom Festival

  • Chapter 9   Dolphins and Whales -- Earthquakes

  • Chapter 10  Wesak Festival -- Agnihotra Healing

  • Chapter 11  The Fuji Declaration

  • Chapter 12  The Great Invocation

  • Glossary


2015 World Healing II, published 2015, speaks about the need to help humans as well as the natural world of birds, horses, buffalo. 

We visit the big healing centers of Mount Shasta and Sedona and we also visit Niagara Falls whose mighty water is important for the world.  At Ganondagan, an ancient Native American settlement, we witness the opening of a new exiting cultural center.


  • Chapter 1   World Children's Festival

  • Chapter 2   Sedona Journey

  • Chapter 3   Sedona Journey

  • Chapter 4   Mount Shasta Journey

  • Chapter 5   Mount Shasta Journey

  • Chapter 6   Niagara Falls

  • Chapter 7   Niagara Falls

  • Chapter 8   Pope Frances Comes to U.S.A.

  • Chapter 9   Buffalo, Horses, Birds

  • Chapter 10 Native American Ganondagan

  • Chapter 11 To Mother Earth, With Love

  • Glossary

  • Vortex Symbols and Earthstar Calendar


2016 World Journals, published 2016, tells about our fascinating Australian journey where we learn about Songlines and Blessing Chimes from David J. Adams.  We are delighted to meet this important world figure.  We also travel to Japan for a world peace gathering.  And then we take an exciting journey to Arkansas, source of many crystals. While in Arkansas, we visit Pinnacle Mountain, an important Sun Disc location for the world.


  • Chapter 1   New York City

  • Chapter 2   Serpent Mound

  • Chapter 3   Australia

  • Chapter 4   Australia

  • Chapter 5   Japan

  • Chapter 6   Japan

  • Chapter 7   Arkansas

  • Chapter 8   Arkansas

  • Chapter 9   New York City

  • Glossary

  • Vortex Symbols 


2016 World Journals II, published 2017, begins with our delightful journey to the United Arab Emirates and then to India to be speakers.  We also go to The Netherlands where we participate in the International Day of Peace at The Hague. We go to Niagara Falls to use the energies, and also to Onondaga Lake where we help heal this most poisonous lake in the world.  At the Winter Solstice, we are in New York City at the Cathedral of Saint John the Divine to witness musician Paul Winter’s marvelous yearly event there.  Because we are close to the Brooklyn Tabernacle, we journey there to participate in heart-felt singing by about two thousand people.  

We love our travels, and we love writing about these travels.


  • Chapter 1   United Arab Emirates and India

  • Chapter 2   United Arab Emirates and India

  • Chapter 3   The Netherlands

  • Chapter 4   Philadelphia

  • Chapter 5   Farmington Quaker Meeting

  • Chapter 6   Niagara Falls

  • Chapter 7   Onondaga Lake

  • Chapter 8   Canandaigua

  • Chapter 9   Energizing Water

  • Chapter 10 Winter Solstice

  • Glossary

  • Vortex Symbols 


Memories 2017, published 2017 speaks about Herkimer Crystals, Howe Caverns, Earth Day, Antarctica, Washington, D.C., Tucson Gem Show, and more. One time I was at the tip of South Africa and Barbara and Margaret were at the end of the Amazon River, Brazil. We joined forces to work with dolphins and crystals. It was wonderful! Annelis Kessler, Switzerland I will always have strong memories of being with Barbara and Margaret at Niagara Falls, one of the most powerful sites in the world. I love when our paths cross. Kim Reid, Canada. I enjoyed working with Barbara and Margaret to help the Atlantic Ocean at São Conrado Beach and Copacabana Beach. I love their books and the way they express their work here. Marilu Montenegro, Brazil


  • Acknowlegements

  • Forward

  • Introduction

  • Chapter 1   Tucson, Arizona

  • Chapter 2   Animal Peace Energies

  • Chapter 3   March Equinox

  • Chapter 4   Washington, D.C.

  • Chapter 5   Holy Days Easter, Wesak, Unification

  • Chapter 6   Earth Day, May Day

  • Chapter 7   Herkimer, Howe Caverns, Concord

  • Chapter 8   Alaska

  • Chapter 9   Antarctica

  • Chapter 10   Summer Solstice

  • Glossary

  • Vortex Symbols 

Screen Shot 2018-08-24 at 9.15.19 AM.png

Memories 2017, Part II speaks about our
attendance at a yearly international conference at
City Montessori School, India, the largest school
in the world. Later, we join Japan enthusiasts in
New York City to hear famous Tim Janis perform
at Carnegie Hall. Our book also speaks about
Mount Shasta, Healing and Spiritual Beings,
Yellowstone, the Pacific.


  • Acknowlegements

  • Forward

  • Introduction

  • Chapter 1   Mount Shasta

  • Chapter 2   Solar Eclipse

  • Chapter 3   Sacred Fire ~ Sacred Lake

  • Chapter 4   Healers and Spiritual Beings

  • Chapter 5   Yellowstone

  • Chapter 6   The Pacific

  • Chapter 7   Korea

  • Chapter 8   United Arab Emirates and India

  • Chapter 9  United Arab Emirates and India

  • Chapter 10   New York City

  • Chapter 11   New York City

  • Glossary

  • Vortex Symbols 


2018 Australia & Japan Journeys, published 2018, we wrote about our travels throughout the world. Recently, we went to Australia and Japan. We spoke two times in Japan. As usual, we returned from our journeys with fresh memories, and we sat down and wrote our books.


  • Acknowlegements

  • Forward

  • Introduction

  • Chapter 1   Sunshine Coast, Australia

  • Chapter 2   First Days in Australia

  • Chapter 3   Ayers Rock (Aluru), The Olgas (Kata Tjuta)

  • Chapter 4   Alice Springs and Corroboree Rock

  • Chapter 5   Japan Journey Begins

  • Chapter 6   Our Talks in Shibuya (Tokyo)

  • Chapter 7   Countryside of Japan, Chiba

  • Chapter 8   Symphony of Peace Prayers, Mount Fuji

  • Chapter 9   Second Talk Session, Japan

  • Chapter 10   Australia, 1989 Visit

  • Glossary

  • Vortex Symbols