From the Guides.



1. There will be a profound gratitude for all things.

2. There will be a sense of wonder at the synchronicity of events and meetings.

3. There will be a feeling of connection to the places we are in, to the people that surround us, and to the center of our Being.

4. There will be an experience of coming home to ourselves, of feeling at peace with our innermost thoughts and with the stillness within.

5. We will find ourselves participating in life wholeheartedly, allowing our energy to flow freely and easily.

6. We will begin to see the inner gifts in each person we meet. We will see beyond their surface ego, beliefs and commotions to the innocence of their real essence.

7. We will go beyond specialness to experience the tremendous giftedness that is our true nature.

8. We will have an appreciation of the variety and differences in our fellow beings. Our acceptance of the differences will bring us closer and closer to the sense of Oneness of all things.

9. We will be able to fully present in the moment, drinking in its beauty and its boundless eternity. We will watch the unfoldment of each moment as peace and centeredness surrounds our day.

10. We will let go faster and faster to our real Source, willingly giving up what we thought has brought us safety and happiness.

11. We will ask to be with God more and more, asking for His Peace and His Solutions each step of our journey.

12. We will accept people in our life exactly where they are, inviting forth the wellness within them, the strength within them.

13. We will feel boundless energy that is constantly given us.

14. More and more we will see healthy choices in each situation - our choice for freedom, for being real, for expression, for honesty, for forgiveness, for wellness.

15. We will learn to let Life through rather than trying to hold on, trying to be the director.

16. We will be able to breathe. We will be able to breathe the fullness of Life and we will remember to breathe through fear, and any resistance, so it may all be dissolved.

17. We will remember to laugh and see lightness in what has appeared to be heavy and immovable.

18. We will be able to be present as others go through their pain and their release. We'll have no desire to fix them, but we will ask God to be the strength that comes through them.

19. We will experience letting in more and more support of our friends, of our fellow beings, to help us on our journey.

20. We will see the hand of God everywhere.

22. We will know our true Worth, which is priceless.

22. We will really know we are a child of God, complete in our wholeness.

23. We will be able to go beyond all words to the very heart of each situation, each encounter.

24. We will go beyond blame and condemnation, so that the real solution may enter.

25. We will remember who we truly are and who God is.

 For your consideration,

 -- The Guides