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From Self Healing Expressions,

Prayer Vigil for WATER

On July 25, 2003, set your PC alarms to join an international prayer vigil for water. There are many ways to celebrate and express your gratitude for water. For example, put a "thank you" post-it by the faucet. Every time you turn the faucet, express your gratitude to water. Visualize the vibration of love and thanks being transmitted into water as golden silver light. The whole planet is shining brilliantly. When filled with the highest vibration of light, everything is healed and harmonized

Photographs of dolphins and whales.

Sea Life paintings of Jean Luc Bozzoli.

Dr. Lilliana Corredor, an expert on water and aquatic ecosystems, invites you to visit her web site,

MARGARET FIKIORIS suggests you check this web site: which bases its information on material in a book, The Message from Water, written by Masaru Emoto, who explains about the vulnerability of water to emotion. His web site is:

These two are wonderful web sites, and you will find on them the following:

Water from clear mountain springs and streams has beautifully formed crystalline structures, while the crystals of polluted or stagnant water are deformed and distorted.

Distilled water exposed to classical music takes delicate, symmetrical crystalline shapes.

When water samples are bombarded with heavy metal music or labeled with negative words, or when negative thoughts and emotions are focused intentionally upon them, the water does not form crystals at all and displays chaotic, fragmented structures.

When water is treated with aromatic floral oils, the water crystals tend to mimic the shape of the original flower.

GABRIELLE GODLING,, emails: Clustered Water empowers cells and tissues to repair themselves and generate energy and power! Energizes cells, bringing physical energy and greater mental clarity! Enhances removal of toxins and acidic waste from the cells!

I have been drinking this water for 3 years.... My website is

JENNIFER VYHNAK writes: ....I too have a great love of water, (my Native name is Swift Water). I am a facilitator of the Geobiology/Earth Acupuncture and Deva Experiential Workshops, of the founders..Christan Hummel...shared...a vision she had regarding the healing of the Oceans. In this dream she was told that we could program the crystals to help heal the Oceans'.

This was such a powerful message for me to hear. I decided to seek advice from my main teacher, Dhyani Ywahoo,( on how to work skillfully with the crystal beings, (the Cherokee carry the medicine of the crystals). On August 5th, our local Earth Healing Group, practicing the healing techniques,....connected with the Overlighting Deva of the Crystals for both Earth and the Moon, and offered specific processes. Our healing experience was quite profound.

From GARRY PI: 4 me water is god...Am a dowser/diviner ....One gallon of energised water will change 10 in the wild with an exponential effect. All thought is creative....the purer the prayer the closer to the source, the better chance of holding change for a longer period.

MYRA CRAWFORD, research scientist, has emailed to say: I have long waited for the "data" that would bring balance between the questing of the right and left halves of my brain. From the results of Emoto's work, I have received the information that brings me to that place.

Note from Barbara: Her complete email is here.

Here is an email expressing doubt, which is understandable.

He says, I like the idea of energizing water to remove pollutants etc, but I would be more impressed if the research could show that the physical characteristics of the water had changed.

I do not doubt that dowsers can feel energy and that prayer works but it is too subjective a method for use as any kind of proof.

I would not feel happy drinking polluted water that had been prayed over unless it could be shown that the bacteria or chemicals had been effectively neutralized.

I have sent him the contents of an email from SUE,, who says, has pictures of water crystals that have been formed from thoughts and sounds. You can see the effect of good thoughts and sounds on them, and the result of not so harmonious thoughts. For instance, they have the water crystal of spring water, water from Lourdes, before and after on Fujiwara Dam, Beethoven, Sutra, Hitler, heavy metal music, love and appreciation, polluted water. It all goes to show that all you have to do is think at your water and you don't need to buy any fancy stuff at $30 an ounce, or even put crystals in it or anything! Incredible what thought will do, and here is proof positive!!!

SIMON PETER FULLER,, of the Holistic World, Vision Global Networking Service,, also emailed about the same water web site. He says, Don't miss the truly AMAZING colour images of water crystals after the kind of healing processes described in the article on

From SALLY DUNN,, emailed: As a fellow dowser, I can attest to Raymon Grace's expertise and common sense.

Another person wrote: Could this (Raymon Grace's technique of scrambling the frequency of the pollutants) be applied to healing the waters within our body?

I answered: Water is water no matter where it is, always with the same properties and characteristics. It would not matter where the water is -- within a physical body or in an ocean -- the cleaning technique would be same.


In making positive changes in water, you can even write the words love, peace, etc. on a label to affix to a glass bottle of water. Overnight the crystallization of the water changes positively. You can freeze a drop and examine it with dark field microscopy to verify that change.


If we could apply the same heart based transformation of the energy as you suggested for the HAARP project for any sonar activity in our ocean waters, I am sure it would alter the effects and the consequences of this short sighted activity for a more positive outcome. It is of course best if this activity is discontinued entirely but the choice does exist to energetically alter the frequency helping the cetaceans as they have so lovingly given themselves over to helping us.


Hi All,

This (the water message) affirms for me what I have been sharing with people lately:
The power of intention ...
Light, Love, Peace, Harmony
Prayers, Meditations, Thoughtforms can very quickly change the quality of life towards one of heart centered living energy.

Just because problems seem complex doesn't mean the solution(s) has to be complex. In fact, the solution is very simple. Raymon Grace clearly shows us this.

Craig Robert Howell,, has helped write a book, Through the Eyes of Kwan Yin, that has a WATER BLESSING by Kwan Yin. To read this blessing, please visit

Here is an inspirational essay about water --


I have been Reikiing my food and water for years, as well as sending healing Reiki to the entire universe for with my Emissary of Light philosophy, I know that everything is healed NOW, Peace is everywhere NOW, we are Love, NOW...because only NOW exists.


At the moment I am getting all kinds of water messages, a friend left me rescue remedy, also messages in water from plants, another friend sent me 'diamond water' from a french man, it came from Canada and is a love-offering. Then I got the life-energy water from Mr Doyuk's wife in the US, he started to produce it in Turkey.... Then there is the report from Japan, have you seen the wonderful pictures after praying on a polluted lake? It is so wonderful what we can do - your story will be added to my waterstories.

The healers in the Philippines also bless water, people bring bottles, but they themselves give their power away since they don't realize that they are light-beings themselves. What a thought or a word can do! Change the frequency of all the elements around us, and the elements must be so happy - because as a dear friend of mine, lecturer, environmentalist, healer and UFO specialist, actor Roy Alvarez from the Philippines said: If we can communicate with water, then we can also do this with all life and all elements around us!

Email from MARGARET:

I thought about changing water to its pure, energetic state, and I remembered Deepak Chopra speaking about pouring water back and forth to bring in the Chi energy. I took two large glasses and filled one with spring water. I blessed the water for its purity. Then I poured the water from one glass to the other, saying "Love" for one glass and "Joy" for the other. Back and forth, "Love, Joy," "Love, Joy," "Love, Joy." The energy increased. I checked it with a pendulum.

I poured water from the kitchen sink faucet, and as I lifted the handle for the water to flow out, I consciously said: "May Peace Prevail on Earth" and I blessed the water from Mother Earth.

As I filled the glass cooking container on the stove with water, I poured the water in a ceremonial manner, blessing and acknowledging this most precious gift of pure water.

I truly realized how precious this gift is and how we can be our own water treatment system--honoring, blessing, giving and receiving energy.

And to think we are over 70% water!

Regarding Chi energy mentioned in Margaret's email, ANDREAS MORITZ,, also speaks about this, and he suggests a visit to his web site,

He says this web site "shows thumbnail pictures of ener-chi art. One of the Earth Healing pictures heals the etheric structure of any body of water, a prerequisite for healing its physical aspects as well. A person who briefly looks at the photographic print of this picture (which can be obtained from Ener-Chi Resources Inc.), receives light encodements in his/her eyes which are then transmitted instantly onto the water one looks at."


I really appreciate all the attention you are giving to water these days. As you know, my concerns about water quality have led me to a career in residential water treatment, something I feel very strongly about. I wanted to pass on to you a prayer I learned from The Rosicrucians that I say every time I have a drink of water; "May the vital life force of the universe be balanced within me and within my body."

From NANCY: I have been using his (Raymon Grace's) technique daily, starting with the Caribbean Sea and Sea of Cortez -- places I have personally been and done healing ceremonies -- and requesting that the transformation move out from those places, with which I am very familiar, to all of the oceans of the world. Once the process starts in can be a catalyst -- rolling outward to all waters since at some place or another they all connect.

And last but not least, here is a message about the power of Love Energy.

NEW BEGINNINGS has published "You Can Energize Water"
and "Will You Broadcast"

Note from Barbara: The "Will You Broadcast" pages 16-17 also has the following:
"The Power of Global Meditations", from Kirael, channelled by Rev. Fred Sterling. "...individuals who participate actually affect the light rays of Mother Earth's crystal core. In turn, this affects Her vibratory magnetic structure, Her heartbeat, and all Her pulsations throughout Her planet. The benefits to Her and humanity are immeasurable."

There is further comment on the power of global meditations

Love and Light,
Barbara Wolf