Note from Barbara: Dec. 2 in Hawaii is the same as Dec. 3 in Hiroshima.


Report of Peace Ceremony on USS Missouri

December 2, 2000

From: Honolulu Church of Light


Aloha Barbara,

The peace ceremony aboard the USS Missouri was a historical and magical event. Rev. Sterling did the opening blessing. The energy of love could be felt throughout the ceremony and brought tears of healing and joy of laughter to those in attendance. There were more than a hundred visitors from Japan and the WPPS-Hawaii members did an outstanding job in providing all an opportunity to come together in peace!

Yasu Nemoto who spearheaded the event in Honolulu is a very dear friend of the church and a Lightworker who stands in Truth, Trust and Passion. His good friend Keiko (of Japan), who has visited us twice was instrumental in gifting the church with a beautiful six sided peace pole that graces our garden to remind all of Peace on Earth.

The energy of Hiroshima and her people hold a very special light of love on this planet and I can just imagine how beautiful it was to be immersed in peace. This very historical event upon land and water was then culminated on December 7th by a beautiful double rainbow from the heavens which touched down upon the Arizona Memorial in Pearl Harbor. Yasu and others were there to capture the moment on film and there was a beautiful photograph of this exquisite rainbow in the Honolulu newspaper.

My guidance had shared with me that the energy of peace and love that was created upon the USS Missouri was birth in Pearl Harbor had rippled out like a pebble in the brook to touch the shores of all continents on the planet. And the whales and dolphins were able to receive these vibrations of love and healing which signified to them that the Lightworkers of the human world are ready to ride the energy of the shift in consciousness with heart strength, for there is no turning back!

Thank you sharing the URL for the photos, for whatever reason my computer at home was not able to bring up the photos, I'll check them out at my computer at the church.

My blessings of love to you Barbara. May you bask in the energy that was experienced in Hiroshima and inspire all who read your words.

In love,