Emailed by Stella of Australia.


I saw an image of a dolphin on the left, a banyan tree in the center and an elephant on the right all touching the tree and connected.

Elephants, dolphins and trees are the overlords of the earth. They came from the light of Shiva energy and represent the three faces of God. If you look at a tree you can see elephants; both have limbs and “trunks.” If you meditate on the inside of a tree or look at dappled sunlight on trees, you can glimpse the essence of dolphin energy.

Elephants serve as masters of appropriate action. They show tenderness, compassion and sorrow. On the rampage they are protective and aggressive. Elephants find it harder to forgive than trees and dolphins. The old saying “an elephant never forgets” is true.

It is time to acknowledge elephants, the largest land animal and one of the oldest creatures on the planet. To attune with elephant energy and the key to elephant meditation is through Javanese gamelan music. You are reminded of ancient elephant processions through the jungle. Sometimes you can hear the elephant”s trump! The pace, sound and vibration resonates in all chakras especially the third which imbues increased strength, assertion and will.

We focus on protecting dolphins and trees. We forget that elephants are Lords and should never be held in captivity. The captured elephant is a symbol of Tibet. in India and Southeast Asia, elephants work to help Mahouts who are in tune with elephants and care for them with tenderness and devotion. The Australian Aborigines also share this elephant frequency.

Elephants suffer dreadfully from cold. Please send heat and light to them. Right now elephants held captive in the Southern hemisphere need our healing.

The world elephant in European languages evokes pictures of “tame” elephants in circuses and zoos. I was given Indonesian and Sanskrit words which convey their essence. Elephants are a manifestation of Shiva. In Indian mythology, Shiva’s son wears an elephant’s head. He is the much loved god Ganesh-the god of abundance, success and the deity who facilitates the working of machines including computers. In evocation, He is called Lomboda.

In Indonesian the world for elephant is “gadja.” This is similar to the word “gradja” which means church or holy place. Elephants are sacred.

Question: If elephants are sacred why do we joke about pink elephants when people have too much to drink?

Answer: In the body, alcohol is poison. I saw a picture of the Grim Reaper. Alcohol causes separation from the source which is the only “death.” Alcohol has brought about devastation and breakdown of families and premature aging and death; especially in indigenous people. Since alcohol is a socially acceptable addiction, (in the 1930s, 1940s, and 1950s), society trivializes this damage by combining DTs with a sacred object like elephants; the sacred is made profane. We have strong ancient racial memory of elephants being one of the rulers of our planet. They are chosen to lead royal processions.

Ivory contains the mystery and knowledge of bones. Ivory should only be used to make religious statues or objects that are used in worship.

Question: what about pianos with ivory keys?

Answer: Old pianos with ivory keys are allowed because the tones and overtones of piano notes are healing.

Question: I have been asking about what are the mystery of shells.

Answer: Shells were designed by dolphins to be attractive so they would be picked up and used by people. The trump sound that an elephant makes is the same as the sound of the giant conch shell used in Shiva worship. This sound is a clarion call which immediately awakens the corporal and spiritual bodies.

1. This frequency resonates and mobilizes the immune response; it would benefit those with cancer or AIDS.

2. The sound brings a return to rationality and calls the soul back to the body. It negates the urge to self destruct such as in depression and anorexia.

3. The sound of Shiva’s conch brings courage and hope to oppressed people. As part of the world wide meditation to liberate Tibet and Kosovo, this note should should be manifested both physically and astrally as healing.

4. The sound of the trump is encoded in group minds as “Gabriel”s Horn.” It call us to wake up and attune to the new cellular processes and to separate any old thought patterns and attachments that are blocking our path. That is why this sound is used in group worship in Tibet and India.