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December 20 - 22, 2003


December 21, 20003, 3 p.m., 48-HOUR SONGFEST FOR PEACE, live telecast on

Barbara Wolf's speech.

Hello, Bernard and Jonathan, and everyone out there listening. I am happy to talk to you about the Songfest.

To begin, I would like to acknowledge Carmen Balhestero of Brazil who directs Pax Universal, a large and active peace center in Sao Paulo. She is listening to this broadcast. Hello, Carmen.

I would like to also mention Hideo Nakazawa of Japan who not only notified his extensive list of peace participants, but also, he has sent Songfest information to Pakistan where youth groups have enthusiastically embraced the idea of singing with the world this weekend the song Let There Be Peace On Earth.

Also in Japan, I would like to tell you that Yasuyuki Nemoto has set up a web site for all to hear the Japanese version of the song. This web site is

I want everyone to know that Eric Van der Wyk of San Diego, California, has put three versions of the song on his web site for people to hear, and, he has composed a special song to mark the event. This song is called Give Thanks and you can hear it on his web site:

I want to thank everyone throughout the world who is participating this weekend in Songfest.

A couple months ago, a world pole showed that 85% of the people of this planet want peace. Thatís a vast majority. It shows that wars are not the answer anymore. Peace is.

I think about this when I sing this weekend Let There Be Peace On Earth.

Let me tell you the origin of Songfest. I received an email from Ignaz Amrein of Australia who said he had an idea that could change people's consciousness towards walking the path of peace, harmony and looking after our beautiful world.

He envisioned having an event where people throughout the world would be singing the same song at the same time. He was thinking of a worldwide event similar to Bob Geldof's Band Aid concerts in the 80's.

The Australian said he contacted many people and peace organizations but there was no interest. Finally, he decided he hadnít approached the right people. One thing led to another, and when he reached me, I loved his idea. I started thinking how to make it work.

I have enough experience with setting up global events to know that having the world sing the same song at the same time might be wonderful, but it isnít feasible. The world is too big, and the time zones are too many.

I decided to turn the original idea into a Songfest of 48-hours. That would give all a chance to sing the same song no matter where they live on this planet.

I chose the song Let There Be Peace On Earth and Let It Begin With Me because every time I hear it, it touches my heart. I think it touches the hearts of all who sing it, all who hear it.

Let me tell you the origins of this song.

It was composed in 1955 by a husband and wife songwriting team, Sy Miller and Jill Jackson. They first introduced this song to a group of 180 teenagers who were on a weeklong retreat in the mountains of California. These teenagers came from different religious, racial, cultural and economic backgrounds, and the purpose of the retreat was to create understanding and friendship among them.

One summer evening in 1955, the teenagers formed a circle, locked arms and sang this song of peace. When they returned to their homes and their schools, they took with them Let There Be Peace On Earth and Let It Begin With Me.

Soon it was being sung in all fifty states -- at school graduations, at PTA meetings, at Christmas and Easter, on Human Rights Day, on United Nations Day.

The song spread to Holland, England, France,Germany, the Middle East, Japan, India,and to South America, Central America, Africa, Asia, and Australia. The Maoris of New Zealand sang it. The Zulus of Africa sang it.

Professional singers began to sing it. Among them, Ernie Ford, Andy Williams, Nat Cole, Mahalia Jackson, Pearl Bailey, Roberta Shore, the King Sisters, Mary Tyler Moore, Liberace, Pat Boone, Lorne Greene, many more.

Let There Be Peace On Earth has won awards, among them the George Washington Honor Metal by the Freedoms Foundation at Valley Forge, and an award from the National Conference of Christians and Jews.

This song, which opens the heart to love and peace and harmony, this song you are hearing in the background as I speak, brings joy to everyone.

I am thinking again of the 85% who want peace on this planet, and I am again thinking that this song will help raise the number to 100%. When that happens, there WILL be Peace on Earth.

No matter where we live on this planet, we will be at Peace. 48-Hour Songfest for Peace strives toward this moment, this goal.

How did I send out the message of Songfest to the Global Meditations Network -- this message what was sent out across the great spider web of the sky?

I sent it the same way as all messages are sent, blind copy, and email addresses in alphabetical order. Between 100 and 200 people on the same email.

I think about these people when the messages go out across the sky, spreading out in all directions -- this one goes to South Africa, that one to Sweden, to Australia, to Brazil, the U.S.A., Canada, Germany, France.

I love to think about this great spreading out, the messages finding their destinations.

And then, after the messages go out, emails begin coming in from all parts of the world.

I love this.

The Global Meditations Network is a great faceless organization of people. We are all different, all races, creeds, and colors, but it doesnít matter. The Network is faceless. We work in harmony together for the betterment of our planet.

How many are out there? How big is the Network? I have no idea. For the past couple of years, when Iím asked, I say a quarter million read the messages that are sent out. But I know that number is too low. l to 2 million are reached. Fortunately, I donít have to email THAT many.

One California woman sends the messages to her list of 7, 000. That is just one woman. Many, many, many send to their lists. Some people post the messages on Internet bulletin boards. Others post messages on their web sites. The word spreads, one way or another.

One last remark about Songfest -- Cathedrals and churches were notified about Songfest so they could participate. Specific cathedrals were the National Cathedral of Washington D.C., St. John The Divine Cathedral in New York City, Grace Cathedral in San Francisco, Westminster Cathedral Choir School in London, and a radio station connected to Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris.

On the Internet are lists of email addresses attached to churches and pastors in the United States. Many of these were notified of Songfest.

I donít know how many churches groups sang Let There Be Peace On Earth today, but I feel quite a number.

The energy feels good today. That is always a good sign that Peace is in the thoughts of many.

Let There Be Peace On Earth and Let It Begin With Me.

Thank you.



December 4 update on 48-HOUR SONGFEST FOR PEACE, December 20-22,
when the world is asked to sing/listen to Let There Be Peace On Earth And Let It Begin With Me:
WORLDPUJA live telecast December 21, 3-3:30 p.m. New York Time,
SHEET MUSIC for ďLet There Be Peace on EarthĒ,
ERIC VAN DER WYK has posted on his website three renditions of the song -- classical, country, and soul. There are links for both dial up and broadband.

Eric has composed a Songfest peace song called GIVE THANKS, posted on
BERNARD FERTAL OF WORLDPUJA agrees to post on his website versions of Let There Be Peace On Earth in different languages. If you have the song in languages other than English, you can send it to him as CD, Cassette, or MP3. His email address is: Surface address: WorldPuja, PO Box 4364, Chattanooga, TN 37405, U.S.A.

The cutoff date is December 15.
CARMEN BALHESTERO, , of Pax Universal (Peace Center), Sao Paulo, Brazil, is sending a Portugese version to Bernard.
LOUIS MEJIA,, may be able to find a Spanish version. Email him if you can help.
I have posted COMMENTS AND EVENTS for Songfest.
Be sure to read MARGARET WADDELLíS email about the 4th Annual 24-hour Worldwide Winter Solstice Chant for Peace.

I will continue to post on that page.

Peace, Love, and Light,
Barbara Wolf


November 13, 2003:

At HARMONIC CONCORDANCE, which continues until the solar eclipse on November 23, we have come together via world prayers and other acts of Peace. Let us continue.

Ignaz Amrein of Australia,, emails asking me how to set up a world Peace song event.

Those words -- World Peace Song Event -- ring a bell.
Such an event would continue the Peace momentum of theHarmonic Concordance.

I have replied that the Global Meditations Network can initiate a 48-Hour Songfest For Peace followed by a Minute for Peace Day.

We can do it easily and without fuss or extensive preparation.

Sound is a great healer. Two days of song would help us continue the momentum of our Harmonic Concordance Peace efforts.

Songfest dates: the weekend of December 20-21, 2003 in the West, which is December 21-22 in the East.

Minute for Peace Day is yearly on December 22, an event initiated by John McConnell in 1963 to pray for peace.

The two events fit naturally with each other.

Ignaz Amrein suggests that everyone at the same time sing one Peace song. Because the world is so big, I suggest we concentrate on one song over a period of two days. We can sing a song familiar to most of us, Let There Be Peace On Earth and Let It Begin With Me.

 Musician/composer Eric van der Wyk offers to put this song on his web site,, so we can listen and sing.

He will also compose music for the Songfest and put it on his web site.

Perhaps you would like to listen to other healing and peace music. Whoever has this music on the computer, please email and I will post the URLs on the Global Meditations Network web site.

Katherine Cheshire,, who offered your Harmonic Concordance prayers in ceremony to Mother Earth, has wonderful healing songs for you to listen to, but she needs someone to walk her through the process of putting them on her computer. She has a Mac. Is there anyone out there who can help her?

World Puja, which gives live telecasts, could be informed about 48-Hour Songfest For Peace. Jonathan Goldman, and whoever else, would you be interested in initiating a contact?

Margaret Fikioris suggests we begin singing Let There Be Peace On Earth before the Songfest, while we are walking, working, living through our daily lives. We can teach the song to our children and friends.

Does participating in a Songfest interest you? Would you call a gathering?
Would you tell others?

I think we should have more Songfests to continue our efforts for World Peace.
Valentineís Day feels like a good day for another Songfest. What are your ideas?

Peace, Love, and Light,
Barbara Wolf


Here is Ignaz Amreinís email:

G'day Barbara!

My name is Ignaz Amrein and I live in Australia. I have an idea which can change people's consciousness towards walking the path of peace, harmony and looking after our beautiful world. I was told by J Daniel Emmanuel to get in touch with you after telling him about my idea.

I have contacted a lot of people and peace organizations in order to get help for getting this idea off the ground. Unfortunately there has been no interest and in most cases not even a reply after telling them about it. I guess, I haven't approached the right people yet. Anyway, here it is!

The idea is to have a worldwide event similar to Bob Geldof's Band Aid concerts in the 80's. The climax will be the singing of a very special song with messages of peace and harmony, written by people from all around the world. It may contain sacred words from indigenous cultures, cultures which are still in touch with mother earth.

This song will be sung at the very same time all around the world. The lyrics will be sung in peoples native languages and the chorus will be in English. The music will be very special too, it will put people in state of consciousness, where the message goes straight to their subconscious mind and then in subtle ways influences everyones daily decisions. Walking the path of peace will then be the natural state of being and because everybody is doing it there will be no resistance. Love will finally rule (I can't think of a better at the moment!) the world.

As you realise, to make this all happen a lot of people are needed for this project. I haven't got the contacts to get it off the ground. I have got the vision and I want to share it with the world. I want to look after this beautiful world of ours so that our children and all future generations can also enjoy it.

Many years ago, when I conceived this idea after reading "The Red Sky Prophecies" in a magazine, I tried writing a song to change our ways, it may give you a bit of an idea what I'm on about. Here it is.

We have reached the fork in the road
as many prophecies have long ago fortold
we got to hear what our inner self is saying
there is no more delaying

one world, one people
one voice talking, one heart beating
harmony and peace
love returning

mother earth is dying
can't you hear her crying
we watched her suffer over generations
she has never so far run out of patience
but now the time has come to stop abusing
there is more to life than taking and using

one world, one people
one voice talking, one heart beating
harmony and peace
love returning

let's get back in touch with what we have lost so long ago
let's appreciate what makes our trees, our flowers, our children grow
close your eyes and see the world around you
close your ears and hear the voices inside you

one world, one people
one voice talking, one heart beating
harmony and peace
love returning

I'm hoping so much that I can find people who are willing to help and make it all happen. Thank you very much for your time.

In harmony and peace