Emailed by Standing Elk



Evokes Visionary Experience


Greetings, my Relations. I am DiamondBack with you tonight.

The Rattlesnake People are all around. So, sit still! Listen.

To walk your Sacred Path so that you do not have hurts and pains, you must remember to walk in love of the Earth and the law of the Stars. The many Peoples seek to understand what plagues them, what their difficulties are and why.

To truly understand how you did what to yourself, you must Vision. The judgment that is a Universal Law will come to you if you call the Rattlesnake. Indeed, the Peoples of Turtle Island, the world, need to walk with more respect - for they do not understand what they do.

For, the Snake Peoples and Rattlesnake are not “the enemy.” We simply demand your respect! If the Peoples can learn to walk in respect, then there will be no difficulties.

This Universal Law of Judgment has been called like a shooting star unto the Earth. For the horses are dancing in the directions. It is time for balance!

The Snake Kin have helped those that work with healing and doctoring for many ages. At times we have come as Great Serpents to teach lessons and to give gifts. Should you seek a personal balancing-that you may be free of the past forever-call upon the Rattlesnake.

Four flags, four days--green, blue, black, and white. That first night, the Grandfather Snake Peoples will come to you. And, they will bite you with their venom of Pure Judgment.

Understand the scales of your judgment: on one hand the Feather, on one hand your Heart--should your Heart be lighter than the prayers of the Eagle, then no difficulties shall come your way. Should you heart be more difficult--heavier, denser, full of troubles--that the prayers of the Eagle Clan cannot lift you, then for four days your Body will heal: through transmutation, through vision, through initiation by the Spirit.

Should your Heart be light, then this Power of Judgment without difficulty will be yours: in one night, in one vision of your True Path. If you wish the Medicine of the prophet, the seer, the holy man - the Sacred Sight of Truth - you must step into the Mystery and overcome death through the bite of judgment that your True Mind may live within you forever.

Should you not be prepared - and you should call upon the Rattlesnake and this Universal Law of Judgment - we will not even come. Instead, the Eagle Nation will put you on a four year dance.

And then the Snake Nation will bring you your Vision of Heaven and Earth, shall bring you a balancing.

All are due a balancing! The poisons within the human Bodies are many. Only through the transmutation that the Sacred Fire brings can the People take their Bodies into the Spirit with them.

The Veil has already been lifted. The claws of the Eagle have torn it asunder. The Peoples are feeling the action of the past and the present and the future all together.

Their Bodies need the assistance of the Spider or the Snake or the Frog or the Lizard. As the representative of the Fire Nations dost Rattlesnake come to you now. For all the peoples ‘round the world and in this circle have a Rattlesnake Guardian with them now!

Should you step out of safety for yourself,
this bite of judgment,
it will be there for you.
So we say, “Prepare yourself!”
Make your flags. Go on your journey in a good way.

For your Body must be transformed into Spirit - into that light body spoken of - to enjoy and to Become One with the Earth Star Light that is here.

Remember Freedom. Remember the Violet Fires and the Inner Fires of the Seven Stars within. Remember Giveaway. Remember Prayer. Remember Going Within.

It is a time in the Stars of transmutation, of changing who you have been into who you already are (and of bringing your Body along with you!)

For the young ones this is not such a trouble. But for many Peoples of our Relations, there are physical problems and mental problems and problems with food and shelter. These all result from that Sacred Path, the way you have walked it, or the burdens that you carry for the People.

So, the Peoples may be freed, because DiamondBack will come to you! I will be there with the Eagle Nation and the prayers of the Eagle.

This experience, this Visioning shall be
the DiamondBack consumed by that Eagle!
This transmutation shall emerge
light body of Spirit;
through the bite of Judgment,
the Feather of Truth and the Wings of Spirit
will be given to all.



Invokes Cosmic Judges to Resolve Interdimensional Issues


You see many of the difficulties which Rattlesnake did speak are difficulties which stem from your clan Relationships; because the individual and the clan are one. Know that your physical clan is but one seventh of your true clan; because there was a great star migration many ages ago.

I am The Great Healer, The Doctor. I am come from the Central Sun from that place Andromeda. I am here to bring you knowledge of the Council of Twelve that are the judges that do sit before the Creator in your sister galaxy Andromeda; I am here to share with you how to resolve problems in your life that stem from star Relationship.

You see, it has been taught that the Peoples are Great Wheels of Light who have a Body to walk in. In this way, great portions of yourself live on many different planes. Your past self, your present self and your future self are the same. There are these little blankets that have for some time covered these awarenesses from one another. Yet, as these carpets are rolled back and you are Becoming One with who you have been and who you are yet to be, you must resolve those problems that you did Create in the past and the future shall take care of it.

Now there are many difficulties which we see upon the face of Mother Earth. We see that man has torn into Her Skin and pulled out parts of Her Body. We see that the People have polluted and poisoned Her Blood. We see that the peoples have clouded and desecrated Her Sacred Breath. And we see that Her Heart has been violated many times.

These are issues. They're important. And these, the Council of Twelve from Andromeda are here to help you resolve, to heal. It is our Council that the Creator has bestowed the responsibility for healing of Mother Earth, healing of her Peoples and healing of the Relations that Her Hoop is whole again.

For the difficulties that you see in the Earth of strip mines, poisoned lakes, smoggy cities, or volcanic eruptions of the Mother's Heart are not just with the Land but have their image within the People. For that which hurts you also pains Mother Earth. If you wonder what it is that harms your Body, it is these sins of the past.

The Great Healer is here to let you know that when you go into the Silence, you may call upon this Universal Law of Judgment and beseech your prayers unto this Council of Twelve.

And, each and every time that One, the Spotted Eagle Wambdi Gdeska, will indeed bring your prayers unto Us. And from where we are, we will project our presence through your prayers. Then that Healing Power of Creator’s love, through the staffs of the Seven Directions, will indeed heal the People, heal the Land and heal the Relations.

Yet, you must understand, Peoples, that you are the Root and the Cause.

The Animal Nations have never sinned against Mother Earth nor have the Plant and Tree Nations nor have the Stone-Mineral Peoples. It is only when Soul seeks to walk as Two-legged that the awakening from unaware human being unto Wise and Holy One does cause problems of ego and hate and strife.

Therefore, there are many Great Healers - twelve in all- - that are come to you. That should your sincere prayer go forth, the ears of the Creator will hear and the Seven Sacred Thunderbolts of Spirit will descend in Healing Rays to clean the people, to teach the people, and to bring wholeness again.

You must practice going within every single day.

You must practice your Medicine, O Peoples, for you are the Healers of the Earth. This is why you have come at this time. The power of the Spirit is with you. Yet there is a cosmic law. This law is the Law of Judgment. This Universal Law says that a being indigenous to a place must call the Spirit, the Star Relations, the Helpers for there to be healing and completion for all.

Therefore pray! Go within!

Even the prayers of the Small Ones, the Spirit listens very well. The prayers of the old ones are answered as well. The prayers of the Animal Nations - it is their love which has brought these laws unto you. Therefore, walk the Straight Walk by cleansing the karma - the unresolved bundles - within.

Within the People there are many bundles and as these bundles are opened and purified and honored and fulfilled, the Earth will take away the dark illusion of pain. You will see and feel her whole again.
Thus, call unto the Council of Twelve
that sit in the seat of Humanity
before the Creator who sends
the Seven Thunderbolts of Healing
unto Mother Earth that,
indeed, the Rainbow Covenant of the Lawgivers,
of the Nature Dwellers,
of the Great Teachers are with you.
And that within the Sacred Temple of your self
dost the reflection of Mother’s Tree exist.


Balances Karma and Aligns Sacred Path

 Aloha. I am Aloha from the deep Ocean of the West come to you with message of the Mother Race. Thus, we ask for the little ones to sit still and give ear, to listen and to hear the Message of the Homeland.

Turtle Island is indeed Sacred Land of Ancient Peoples -
that place known as Lemuria
did birth that place “Mu.”
And thus, Aloha.

Elohim Aloha, the Star of Truth is here to help you remember as the Healer has spoken. All the peoples that are upon Turtle Island are Peoples that did live in that ancient homeland Lemuria and did live upon this land Mu. Yet, the most ancient name is Grandmother Turtle Island.

Therefore, we speak unto the Peoples to Walk in Truth. When you walk your path with the Truth of Heart, Creator blesses your every step, your every desire brings forth happiness and laughter is always in your home.

Understand that in times long ago, there were many difficulties. These physical and mental difficulties that DiamondBack spoke of, often are due to bundles that are carried from Ancient Times. There are many bundles from that place that sank in the Pacific. There are many bundles from that place that sank in the Atlantic. Understand that now those memories are emerging. Those bundles are awakening again.

Central to this Age of Coyote and Mouse, of the Great Lightning Waters of Life is Turtle Island and Her teachings of Freedom, of Peace, of Humbleness. Should the People ‘round the world remember their teachings of Peace, Strength and Humbleness, then true life will return again. And these difficulties, these aberrations known as “technology” will be able to return to the universe in which they belong.

For, Mother Earth has no need of these trinkets. Her Heart dost teach the Universe! Turtle Island - Grandmother - is the Teacher of Freedom for this age.

This Rainbow Covenant is a covenant of ancient origins. It is the Seven Stars of the Creator that is Within you. Know that if you wish to align your Sacred Path and to lift the weight of karma, of sin from your shoulders, you must turn to the Grandmothers and Grandfathers that are Within.

The Seven Stars that do burn within your Body and the Six Sacred Directions that give access through your Aura unto the realms of Mystery, Spirit, the Grandmothers and Grandfathers, the Holy Father and the Holy Mother, that Tree of Life which must be purified.

You must call upon the Great Teachers
to teach you in your days and in your nights.
You must call upon the Law Bringers
to set your Path aright.
You must call upon the Creators-
the Seven Stars -
the Thunderbolts of the Rainbow of Purity,
to purify and to guide your Earthwalk.

O Peoples, Aloha and Peace to you. Understand that within you is great possibility. You are the Stewards and Guardians of Earth. Within you now and around you in your world are the Ancient Teachings with a new package. More important is the remembrance of the Sacred Bundles Within thee, and seeing their Mirror reflected in your world again.

There is not one upon this world, I speak the Truth to you, that is not a Master, a Teacher, a Friend of Creator. All those that had another heart have been deported to another location where they may be loved in the way they need to be loved.

Pray for those that have recently died. Your Relations need prayers to reach unto the place of the Grandmothers and the Grandfathers. At this time, those that pass beyond the robe have a Spirit Journey, a Giveaway upon the Blue Path of Spirit to fulfill. It is this crippled walk up Sinai.

Indeed the Peoples approach the Burning Bush - that Twin Flame Spirit of your Intuition. Do understand, O Peoples, that now you will dream and you will Vision and you will perceive the bundles, the secrets, the treasures that will come through your Mind. For when the wellspring of your Heart now open brings forth your Remembrances, be they of Turtle Island, of elsewhere upon Mother Earth, or be they of the Stars, first, learn them for yourself well. Then share them with your family and children and teach your Peoples well.

Everyone is a Teacher. Everyone is a Law Bringer. Everyone is a Co-Creator through Our Creator’s Heart!

It is the Sacred Rainbow of that one Aloha that dost now lift the Veil of Ignorance from the Peoples of Turtle Island and Earth. The judgment of those Archangels - Wanagi - are indeed pouring forth the Sacred Waters of Spirit upon the Earth again--through this ceremony and teaching and through many others--that Truth, Honesty, Humbleness and Freedom are the Circle of the Walk of Man.