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 E-mail from Sharon Shane,
Liquid Light Center

May 27, 2005

Excerpts from her e-mail:




Today, Thursday, May 26th, I attended and participated in a conference at the United Nations in New York City entitled, "How Can the Spiritual Dimensions of Science and Consciousness Help the UN and Humanity Achieve Better Standards of Life in Larger Freedom?"

...The guest keynote speakers were Ambassador Anwarul Chowdhury, UN Under-Secretary-General and High Representative and Dr. Masaru Emoto, Research Scientist and Author of "The Hidden Messages in Water" featured in the movie, "What the Bleep?"

... here I quote Secretary Chowdhury during his speech, "Fear of the unknown creates the divisions in the world." (I jotted down my response to his statement in my notes, "fear of the unknown must be transmuted into "adventure" into the unknown.) He went on to say that we need to expose children to diversity so they could learn collaboration and cooperation. With a disheartening glimpse into the reality that 60 years ago the United Nations charter was written to say, "We the peoples and our representative governments..." but instead of "we the peoples" as individuals with an open and compassionate heart, the United Nations has unfortunately been more focussed on the governments and politics rather than the people...and that the governments are just the well-oiled machines that need the compassion of the individuals working there. He said, "We need to revisit the Charter and the United Nations must become a 'House of Peace and Non-Violence' and we need to reach the goals of the U.N. millenium charter with a change of our hearts.

Dr. Masaru Emoto gave a presentation with audio and video. The stop-motion animation of the evolving pictures of the water crystals were quite beautiful to witness. Here is the scientific proof of the effect consciousness has upon form. The prophecies of years ago that science would meet spirituality are unfolding in all corners of our planet now....What his experiments have proven is that the harmonic vibration of the actual words of "Love" and "Thank You" in any language brings forth the 6 sided sacred geometric in crystallized form. Denigrating words do not create this beauty, but the water particles are scattered in disarray. His goal and dream is to bring this information to children in every country to teach them of the effect their consciousness has upon the water, and thus upon all form.

I don't remember exact word for word, but this is for the most part what I stated, "Light is intelligent self-awareness. Intelligence can build a bomb, but wisdom would never think to do so. So where is the wisdom in our intelligence, and how do we infuse wisdom into our actions?" I briefly spoke about my visit with the Amazon Shuar tribe and how I learned that the men in their wisdom look to the women for their intuition for the men know that they will just continue to hunt and cut down and deplete everything. They know that the women will tell them when to stop and that enough is enough. I asked, "When acquiring 5 cars in a household driveway, when is it enough?" I posed the question, "When will there be a Council of Wisdom Elders at the United Nations to guide decisions through intuition and when will their wisdom be heeded so that harmony can be restored to the world as the parts that have too much gives way to bringing more balance to the parts of the world that are in need. I stated, "This intuition does not necessarily have to come from just women for there are plenty of men who are awakened to the Soul's intuitive understandings. And these are the seeds of wisdom I wish to plant here today in this United Nations."
I left the United Nations with such a feeling of empowerment and the resonance in the room was surely brought forth and lifted by all of the wonderful people who chose to participate. These are the seeds being planted in the soil of consciousness in many parts of our world to blossom and bring forth a return to the Original Garden of harmony. There is much weeding and nurturing of this garden yet to accomplish, but as the visionary, I see the seeds already sprouting in the Light of Consciousness of each and every Human Being.

Sharon Shane
Liquid Light Center