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My manuscript has been accepted for publisction. When it is in print, I will send you a notice.

Here is the Introduction





I have chosen to write about the area within the Ring of Fire, a vast region of the Pacific that is often the source of earthquakes, volcanoes, tsunamis, and other disruptions on our planet Mother Earth. When her stomach aches, she reacts. We can stimulate stomach aches by feeding her thoughtless acts of violence and pollution.

In ancient times, Mother Earth was a perfect Being of beauty and a place of peace and harmony. It would seem reasonable that if Mother Earth, who is no longer perfect, can be turned toward perfection, then there is less risk of disruptions in the Ring of Fire.

How can we do this?

By raising the consciousness of humanity so its actions will be peaceful and loving.

This is easier said than done. However, we have tools to help us. All have a consciousness. All are One. All actions affect All. Give love to the flowers in your garden and your flowers will love you. Give love to the animals and the birds and the trees and they will respond with love. Mother Earth has a consciousness, and so, when we humans behave in a loving manner, she feels this. When we behave in an unloving manner, she feels this, too.

The great healer is Love. Mother Earth heals when she feels Love expressed by humanity.

In ancient times, Lemurians lived on Mother Earth, and they held strongly the concept of Love for all. These vibrations, frequencies, energies remain.

Memory holds all deeds. Memory is part of mass consciousness that unites all of us, and this means that all humanity, trees, flowers, insects, are One. What you think, what I think, is part of a great soup pot of mass consciousness drunk by all. All affects All because All are One.

My thought is to introduce you to Lemurian energies so you may feel these Love energies that remain in the memory. Once you have felt them; once you know them; then you can spread them across the land to help heal Mother Earth.

“Kirael: Lemurian Legacy for the Great Shift”, written by Fred Sterling, gives much information on the Lemurians. Primarily, they lived in the region of the Pacific, and although today most of the land is submerged, there remains the tops of mountains in the form of islands.

What are the vibrations of these places?

Assuming that the actions of the Lemurians have put down loving vibrations, then that is what will be found on the land. Remember, all is held within the memory. If some vibrations are found to be imperfect, then there is need for restoration.

This is not as difficult as you may think. With the mind, one can create a reality of perfection to lay on the vibrations of the land of today. Remember, energy IS. It exists. Because it exists, it must be counted. Therefore, to overlay a new perfection of reality is an act that must be counted. It is recorded in the memories of the All. Since the energies of peace and health and especially the energies of Love were uppermost in the minds of the Lemurians, it is logical that these energies are used for restoration.

Over the years, I have kept a journal of my travels, and now I am opening to my travels in the Pacific area. We need to look at the Ring of Fire. We need to feel the Lemurian energies of Love that heal, and we need to begin restoring what we find is not perfect.

My goal is to use techniques that will ultimately help the entire planet become more peaceful, more healthy, more loving. Techniques used in one place can be used in other places. The Ring of Fire is a good place to begin. However, for one moment, let us put the project on hold. I have met the legacy of the Lemurians themselves. It was only a brief encounter, at Mount Shasta, California, on the edge of the Ring of Fire. With that in mind, join me as I relate this meeting and then I will take you to the islands of Hawaii, center of the Ring of Fire, to a specific island, Kauai, where the Love vibrations from the ancient times of Lemuria are still strongly imprinted on the land.