From: Dhyana,
I co-wrote a book about Colloidal Silver called The Wonders of Colloidal Silver . CS is a natural antibiotic that is very safe. Just a thought. I've had a lot of letters in the last few weeks asking me about CS and biological weapons.
Gloria Alvino,
......the essential oil, Thyme is very powerful against anthrax and many other causes of infection. I know that Youngs has an excellent quality of essential oils including the single oil of Thyme and a compounded oil called Thieves.
Subject: Frank,
Regular intake of Agnihotra Ash and performance of sunrise and sunset Agnihotra are also given to be extremely potent in giving such protection.
Nan Cohen,
The Bach Flower Remedy, Crab Apple, is wonderful for the healing of all kinds of toxicity. It has no limitations.
Sent by Russ MICHAEL,
Data from David Dartez,

...when you properly view colloidal silver as a universal antibiotic. There is no known bacteria,germ, or virus or other pathogen that can survive for over 6 minutes in the presence of colloidal silver.

Thus colloidal silver provides it own inherent protection again cross infecting. While colloidal silver is documented to be effective against 650 known pathogens, the most powerful antibiotic, since they must be very specific, can only deal with 21 pathogens.

The wonderful quality of silver is that it kills pathogens by blocking the enzyme that they use to respire. Said differently, colloidal silver strangles or suffocates pathogens and thus pathogens do not build up an immunity to colloidal silver as they all do, eventually, with allopathic drugs. Thus colloidal silver will be as effective against strep or staph infections next millennium as they are today.

...Russ Michael and I have decided, in light of the present scare about infectious attacks, to drastically reduce the price of our colloidal silver to make it more easily affordable and available to just about anyone. We are offering a bonus discount of 20% to GLN members and thus there is a minimum 25% discount and possibly up to 45%. Further, if a member orders at least 8 of the 16 oz. bottles, we will give a full 50% discount and sell the 16 oz. bottles for $16.48 per bottle. (NOTE from Michael....some companies charge up to $34 for 4 oz of colloidal silver------so these REDUCED PRICES are TERRIFIC ------and no comprimise of quality, either)!!

To have protection against a surprise exposure to anthrax, or any other pathogen, I usually suggest that people do as I have for so many years and that is to take 1 tablespoon per day. Then if you know that you have been exposed or if something is trying to sneak through you defenses, I usually suggest that people up their intake to a tablespoon three times a day until the threat passes. At the rate of a tablespoon a day, a bottle will last a little over a month. At the rate of a tablespoon three times a day, a bottle will last about 11 days. The suggested dosages would be less for small children.

Incidentally, colloidal silver is completely safe for children, many of my customers have used colloidal silver in infants eyes, ears or orally with no adverse impact.

If you would like to place an order, you are welcome to call me anytime at 1-888-236-2108.


PS I don't sell it in an aerosol spray but I can provide you with an empty little 2 oz. bottle with a spray mist cap and that should work well for you.