Natural Defenses Against Biological Toxins

19 Oct 2001
From: Steve Nelson,

Hello Friends,

While I don't think we are in any great danger from biological terrorism at this time, it is good to be prepared with information so we may know alternatives to drugs such as cipro which has some bad side effects (read the PDR before ingesting). Researchers agree too that it would be better to hold potent antibiotics such as this in reserve for real need should it arise. And antibiotic overuse could result in more virulent strains of pathogens. So, we would do better to look at more natural substances to help ward off disease.

An interesting metaphysical aspect to this situation is that all naturally occurring compounds that ward off physical disease organisms will also dispel negative psychic influences. All of us are familiar with the folk tradition that garlic keeps vampires away. This, just in time for Halloween!

While studying biology at UNCC in the 1970s I learned about a "mitogenetic radiation" from growing cells that is emitted particularly strongly by garlic bulbs. The growing end of the garlic puts out an ultraviolet radiation that enhances viability of seeds (even through glass) and it will kill exposed disease organisms. I found that having a peeled garlic clove in the mouth with the growing end pointing back is the most effective way to cure a sore throat. Much more research has been done about the positive effects of mitogenetic radiation since I was in college - and the results are amazing. Follow the links below if you would like more information:

"A Russian electrobiologist, Professor Gurwitch, discovered that garlic emits a type of ultraviolet radiation known as mitogenetic radiation."

"Garlic emits a peculiar type of ultra-violet mitogenetic radiation. These emissions, now referred to as Gurwitch rays, have the property of stimulating cell growth and activity and have a rejuvenating effect on all body functions."  

Scientific links concerning mitogenetic radiation or "biophotons":

GINSENG and GINGER are other medicinal roots that emit strongly healing mitogenetic radiation. My foster father Uncle Tilman showed me how to find ginseng when I was a boy in the the mountains of western North Carolina. And though he was a very practical no nonsense Capricorn Tilman would swear that ginseng roots glow violet when pulled up in the pitch dark. (Note: Eyes need at least 20 minutes of total darkness first.) Mitogenetic radiation is an ultraviolet color.

Fresh ginger root also has strong bio-energy. A cup of fresh ginger root tea taken every day can help ward off flu and other viruses.

CAMPHOR is another substance that can be used effectively for warding off disease and dispelling noxious astral influences as well. I lived with a Cherokee elder named Nollie for a few years when I was growing up in western North Carolina. She was the mother of my Uncle Tilman. Nollie was wise in folk ways. One of my favorite child memories was watching the camphor shavings dance in the alcohol when she was making her linament. Nollie told me that camphor is good for body aches and that it keeps away bad spirits. Breathing camphor kills bacteria in sinuses and lungs. Camphor neutralizes many noxious organisms and undesirable psychic influences. (Camphor also is known to antidote many homeopathic medicines.)

See this link for more information about camphor:

Taiwan is the chief source of natural camphor:

The recent "anthrax attacks" are a minor nuisance compared to what a large scale bioterrorist attack might bring. Staying healthy and fit is our best insurance against any future threat. Healthy bodies will ward off disease. And healthy bodies make for healthy minds. So, the task before us is to eat well, get plenty of exercise, let go noxious habits, drink lots of fresh clean water, breathe fresh air and make use of our natural antibiotics. We may well end up thanking the Great Spirit for all these present challenges that are making us a stronger and healthier nation of people.

 Wishing everybody well, Steve