Greetings Barbara,

I AM RebeccaElisabeth deMagdalene Michaels.

The following was Transmissioned to me in 2 parts. One as an emergency first-aid technique which has a few more steps & I, over the years, have seen skin regenerated almost as my eyes watched. The 2nd to assist Gaia after trauma. My body of information is that this is a technique which was well-known in the time of our connection w/the Goddess & our Love-Oneness w/Source. The Intention Invocation must be in Love, Compassion, Wisdom, and Grace. In other words, when one Invokes the Crystalline Ray, the Heart Center must vibrate in Love, Compassion & Grace, and the Mind must link w/the Great Mind of Source to vibrate Love & Wisdom or the technique does not 'work'/or has quite lessened results. It is a Peace-Full space of mind & heart which vibrates in frequency to the vibration resonance of the Crystalline Ray.There has to be a 'match/fit'

 Stabilization for the Earth after trauma to her:

This is to be utilized after an earthquake, a fire, war, killings &/or deaths, nuclear or other type of radiation situation, etc.

Quiet the mind, be mind-full of the breath, focus on the Heart Center. Go into, Reside and Radiate Love, Peace, Compassion and Grace. Invoke the Great Love-Wisdom Realm to assist in the stabilization, the Transmutation & Transformation of the area of Gaia. Invoke & send the Crystalline Ultraviolet Transformation Ray directly to Earth's Crystalline Core, and then to each of Her subtle bodies.

Next, send the same Energy to the Crystal/Rock Matrix. These beings will need stabilization first after Earth/Gaia's Core because they are receivers/transmitters & their New Service & New Programming is highly sensitive. Also, because they are Earth's bones & structures they require immediate stabilization.

 Next, send the same Ray Energy to the Animal Kingdom Matrix. These beings will be in terror or perhaps death & require Loving & Transmutational assistance.

Next address the Plant Kingdom Matrix. These beings provide oxygen to the region as well as being holders of energy, so they will require the Crystalline Ultraviolet Transformation Ray.

Finally, address the "Humanity Matrix". This is DIRECTLY TO THE MATRIX, rather than any specific humans that may be present at the site. Remember, this is stabilization for Transformation as opposed to first-aid to people.

If one has a trace of ego when Intending/Invoking or is not residing in Love, Compassion, Wisdom,Grace, Right Use of Will, and Use of Right Will, this technique will not function. It 'works' on frequency of vibration.

Love,Peace and In Service, RebeccaElisabeth deMagdalene Michaels.