Note: This message was written to you in the year 200, but the basic principles of positive energies remain the same no matter what year it is.

Hello everyone, this is Barbara Wolf.

We have been meditating, praying to help change the terrible war in Kosovo. April 1-7, we came together at 12 noon, all time zones, to send Peace, Love, and Light. Yesterday, April 10, we joined Jimmy Twyman, who was giving Peace, Love and Light at a concert in the Balkans.

Let us examine the act of conflict. In the simplest of terms, in general it is two opposing forces confronting one another. By definition, if one force opposes another, then the energy produced by the struggle will be negative energy. No matter how 'right' one side may be, or how 'wrong' the other, in effect, both sides are producing negative energy because the concentration is on hostility.

However, if another element, that of positive energy, is introduced into the arena, then there will be a change in the parameters under which the conflict is played out. Instead of two forces producing negative energy, there is a third, and this one is producing positive energy.

When there is a change in a system of two negatives that has kept a conflict thriving, and this change is in the form of positive energy, that of Peace, Love, and Light, then conditions become viable for a resolution of conflict.

That is the theory on which the network called Global Meditations is based.

This network, or any similar network, can be used as a tool to enable large numbers of people world wide to inject positive energy into conflicts so conditions can become viable for a resolution of conflict. The theory behind the feasibility of having large numbers participating is analagous to candles being used at the same time to produce light, which is energy. The more candles, the more light. The more people contributing positive energy focused on one subject, which, in the case of a conflict, is two negative forces, the better chance to change the parameters of the conflict in order for a resolution to take place.

Global Meditations, via the Internet, makes it possible to bring large numbers of people together at the same time so their energies are coordinated and focused on a given problem. The real thrust of the Global Meditations network is to put out a call for help so all consciousnesses can concentrate on positive energies at a given time to help create a well or wave of positive energy that makes a resolution of conflict possible. In other words, the network coordinates, integrates, focuses. Today, because of the Internet, the Global Meditations network can reach an estimated 15,000 people within four days of a message being sent out.

In May I go to a Conflict Resolutions conference in St. Petersburg, Russia. I will be giving a two-hour lecture called, "Sharing The Concept of The Tool Called 'Global Meditations' to Achieve Global Harmony."

The principles I have outlined to you above will be in that lecture.

 Love and Light,