From: Standing Elk

Pleiades at your service.

Manifesting Energy


We, the Seven Sisters, are responsible for the Manifestation of Spirit into form. For we are the Guardians of Portals which send to you that very creative imagination which spurs you to make, to unfold and to be.

In truth, we are in direct association with your Higher Nature and we are servants of the same Great Light. We, the Seven Sisters, do send forth those creative energies which awaken the Seven Gifts of Humanity.

If you wish to manifest, if you wish to co-create with Universe, first, you must go to the hill and pray. You must go within the Sacred Silence and use the Gift of Vision. For each has a Sacred Path and the Sacred Path of your pre-life decision is the road map for each of your creative tasks.

You have a job list, so to speak. These are activities, or ranges of activities which you yourself chose before you came in the physical form.

And therefore, you must go to the hill and pray. This is a great opportunity for you. Creator and Holy Ones will come to help you vision that which is your Sacred Path.

The Gift of Touch is the next step to manifesting Creative Energy into form. By touch we mean the feeling realm. Your heart must be in touch with the elements that transform to be your creation.

The Creator, through the Sacred Gift of Vision, will show you what these elements are. Their wisdom will enter you through the portals of your DNA intelligence and within that Alchemy of Self, in the inner realms the unconscious you, as a Being of Light, will be forming something new to present to Universe. This is what is meant by feel. Be in touch with the elements of your creation.

To sing the vision is to create the reality. This is your next step to manifestation. Song may be through words of prayer. Song may be ancient ones of your memory. The Song may be the quest for these necessary elements.

For a song is the movement of energy. It is creating a wave of healing and transformation for those around you. So, turn your vision into a song of the elements that will evolve into your creation.

Oftentimes, this song is those images, thoughts and imaginations which evolve from elements working inside you. These songs are often Dreams.

Put your choice behind your creation. This is the next step along the way. Use your energy in harmony with Mother Earth and the Divine Plan. Vision through your Sacred Path is itself in harmony with this plan. Put energy, enthusiasm, and strength behind your creation. And this energy which emanates from that Solar plexus, from that Golden Ray of Light, will begin the manifesting cycle.

It is at this point along the journey of creation that you must go forth and experience and experiment. Try to bring it together and use the action of your imagination to bring forth life.

Everything that you create, be it a thought, or a feeling, or an object, is life.

Therefore, in this quest of manifesting, be in communion with Creator. Allow those holy wisdoms in your starry understanding to guide your ethics and actions, for what you create is bonded to you and sends forth a Wave Song to all of Universe.

The capstone to manifesting your Sacred Path, manifesting any project of your desire, is the Giveaway, is the sacrifice of your life, is to grant your breath unto it.

For the Creator breathed the Breath of Life into you, giving you the power to create and to live. Therefore, once you have visioned, felt, sung, chosen, journeyed, and aligned with Creator, give your life, your breath, and manifestation will result.

To bring forth another, you must use all seven of your Sacred Gifts.

We Pleiades will support you in every step of this journey, should you call upon our assistance.

We suggest that when you go forth to seek your Vision, you invoke the Universal Law of Movement and Balance. Draw its Energy Signature before you. Call upon the Pleiades to release those creative energies necessary for this process.

Should the Councils of Light deem you worthy and capable, we will release to the knowledge and the Light information that will awaken this manifestation to you.

When you come to us in balance with Creator and your Sacred Path, know that we will gift you with energies and understandings which will make your life full. We are Guardians of Love and wish the Greatest Light for you. We will help you move through your journey in the graces of the Highest Light. We will open portals, bend time, and channel energies of transformation to assist you along the way.

And so, Call upon the Seven Sisters when you seek to create, when you seek to express your Sacred Path. We will build the geometries of its unfolding though the light of your own Sacred Gifts. For the Seven Generations, the Seven beyond, and the Seven beyond them, lead to the doorstep of Pleiades.

Standing Elk
Canku Woksape Wicasa
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