From: Myra Crawford, Ph.D.,

Barbara: As a research scientist, I have long waited for the "data" that would bring balance between the questing of the right and left halves of my brain. From the results of Emoto's work, I have received the information that brings me to that place. I saw this work a few months ago when it was presented by Gregg Braden at a science and consciousness conference in New Mexico. The audience of 600 or so was struck silent. I knew that I had turned a corner on my responsibility for fulfilling my spiritual contract. I think this information on the power of thought is an incredible hit on mobilizing the "lightworkers" around the world. I came home and presented Emoto's work to my class in subtle energy, and the students were totally transformed as we talked about the implications this information has about our interactions with each other. We considered the potential destruction we became responsible for as we call each other by a name other than beloved brother or sister, be we of the same species or not. Or, the power of the creation that we could also evoke. We discussed this idea within the context of Braden's work with prayer, that every thought is a prayer and the responsibility we have for even those ideas that we hold, much less the invocations we allow to escape from our lips. Those young souls were illuminated! The two concepts together transformed their thinking in the twinkling of a few photographs and words to understand the power that we have available to us. As we hold these healing thoughts, call it by whatever name is comfortable to the individual, we create in harmony with the Creator or we destroy that which is precious, right down to the cells of our bodies. I can do my work as an individual, especially in my work with medical intuition. I can take this to a few students each class, I can even bless the driver who cuts me off in traffic, or those around the world who do not yet have this knowing. But, I also feel that the time is upon us as a species to complete this step in our evolution. I want to gather together with those who also hold this vision. I call this in. Myra