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Earth Song, a poem of love.

How positive energy can influence conflicts.
The purpose of Global Meditations.
"The Gentle Art of Blessing"
"Acts of Kindness"

A Few Symptoms of Wellness.
From the Guides. http://www.tcel.com/~vitagen

A crop circle. http://www.earthfiles.com/earth058.htm

AGNIHOTRA FIRES to heal the earth and its atmosphere. Easy instructions. These follow the Vedic science of bioenergy of "removing the toxic conditions of the atmosphere through the agency of fire. You heal the atmosphere and the healed atmosphere heals you." http://www.summit.net/home/agnihotra/

Channelling from the Nature Spirits of the Malaysian rainforest.

Wisdom from the cultural heritage of Hawaii.

ELEPHANT WISDOM teachings from Stella of AUSTRALIA

Sent in by Gary Gundloch, immortal@mwt.net

"From the heart of the Sun
To my Heart, I receive
the Love of God.

From the Heart of the Sun
Through my Heart, I bring
God's Love into the World.

From the Heart of the Sun
To the Heart of the World,
God's Love IS."

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