Note from Barbara:
I do not know who first circulated this message on the Internet. I like it and I want to share it with you.
Imagine if there were an outbreak of kindness in the world and everybody on the planet did one kind thing on a daily basis.

Will you spontaneously begin to do little sweet or grand lovely things for no other reason than to make the world a kinder, more beautiful place?

For example:

+The next toll booth you come to, pay for a car behind you.

*Send a thank-you letter to a teacher you once had, letting him or her know the difference they made in your life.

*Ask an older person to tell you a story about his or her youth.

*Order a mail-order gift, anonymously, for a friend or coworker.

*Give another driver your parking spot.

*Let someone merge ahead of you on the freeway, smile and wave at them.

*Open the phone book, select a name at random and send that person a greeting card.

*Write a note to the boss of someone who has helped you, thanking him or her for having such a great employee.

*Buy a bag of groceries and leave it on a doorstep in a poor neighborhood.

*Praise the work or attitude of a coworker to someone else in the office.

*Write a note to the owner of a house or garden in your neighborhood whose beauty gives you pleasure.

*Say "I love you" to twenty different people for whom it's true.