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Referring to the Devic Realm

From Sharonmoondancer

Nova Scotia, CANADA.


Greetings Barbara and Maggie,

I feel a deep sense of gratitude to be back on line again. Thank you for the story you share about the healing garden. I resonate with the whole sense of overlay.. this tapestry we collectively create and re-create. I live in Nova Scotia, Canada and have recently moved to an area where the Earth Mother has held a great sorrow. As we are all becoming aware... many areas like this exist. It is spring time here and a wonderful wee flower grows in amongst the mosses... though you often have to search to find it ... they seem to be cloaked...the fragrance is so delicate and sweet to the senses. As a little girl growing up in this area I recall the native peoples... Miq maq and Maliseet coming to the market selling wee bouquets of these precious flowers all wrapped in moist moss and birch bark. I didn't know it then... I was simply drawn to them... their healing frequency is very profound. My guides, along with members of the devic realm are showing me that an essence created from them is able to heal the soul imprint of the earth, indeed each being who partakes of it. I've been receiving messages for years to create essences and now the time feels right. It's kind of funny really, as my time in this place is very temporary... a year... Hey, but a lot can happen in a year.

 Today (April 27, 2006)... a wondrous sunny day I will go into the woods behind the house to pray and gather the blossoms. The "overlay" of which you speak is very potent, I will request prayers for the palace gardens...the nature spirits have a marvellous networking system...My sense is we need to call forward the assistance of the nature spirits and elemental beings, and my experience has been that leaving a gift with loving intention is a doorway to bringing their wisdom back to us. I'm not speaking of a one time deal here but the creating of a relationship. We really need their help now.

 Last year during a time of great personal transition I was gifted with a book "Nature Spirits and Elemental Beings" by Marko Pogacnik... Findhorn Press. My understanding is that he travels about connecting with the disturbed elemental world to bring healing. This book is a very helpful guide for all of us doing this work. Marko's reverence simply wafts up from the pages...Mitakuye Oyasin... we are all related...

 blessings and thank you.... sharonmoondancer