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Hello from my heart, everyone, this is Barbara Wolf.

Remember, Energy IS. It must be considered.
Positive energies are needed, needed, needed.

Let us overlay positive energies on the negative.
Let us join together to make our own positive reality.

You and you and you and you are DIVINE BEINGS.
We are all Divine Beings.

Every Being you pass on the street, every Being you read about in the newspapers and see on television, and yes, every Being you think about, these are all Divine Beings.


If you do not think you are worthy of this, you are incorrect. has a Divine Being image of yourself. That is who you are, as well as members of your family, your neighbors, strangers living near you, strangers living across the world from you.

The image is nearly at the end of the web page.

Remember, you are Loved.
You are all Love.

We are not taught to love ourselves, yet, we are all Love.

Love starts with Self.
Love yourself.

If you think you are not worthy of Love, you are incorrect.

Use your mind to transmute negative thoughts.
If you desire, use the violet flame of transformation.

You are a Divine Being: therefore, Love yourself.
Shed all negative thoughts about yourself

Put on your clothes called Divine Being and begin to send the positive energies of Love to Yourself, to all Humanity, to Mother Earth.

Peace, Love, and Light,
Barbara Wolf