Note from Barbara:

Here is my radio interview on December 31, 2001, with Honolulu Church of Light, Hawaii, which was conducting the One Billion Person Peace Prayer Meditation. I was asked to explain the work of the Global Meditations Network.

Hello, and I would like to say that I am happy to speak with you today as a representive of the Global Meditations Network, and to tell you a bit about this network.

First, I would like to quote a couple lines of channelling from Kirael because his thoughts are exactly in line with what the Global Meditations Network is all about.

Kirael says: “Collectively, you can change the world. You can “in-lighten” the whole of the world through your thoughts alone. Each time you allow your thoughts to play with the energy of light and love, Mother Earth and all of her inhabitants are healed.”

I want to say, the Global Meditations Network attempts to do just that -- it attempts to send thoughts of positive energy to areas of dispute or conflict, areas of negative energy, in order to help bring about a successful solution to the problem.

Thoughts are energy.

Energy IS. It exists, and therefore it must be counted, whether one is alone and sending it from one’s home or whether one is with a group.

Like attracts like.

If you send the energy of Peace, just as many, many throughout the world are doing today, like attracts like. A soup pot of Peace energy is created. This is Positive energy. It exists. It must be counted.

I would like to tell you that recently we have started to transfer energy from one place to another.

For example, at the end of November, there was an excessive energy build up at the Ring of Fire, particularly in the California/Oregon/Washington State area.

At the same time, Afghan leaders were ready to meet in Koenigswinter, Germany. The Taliban had been routed and now it was time to decide on an interim administration for Afghanistan.

This meeting would pit the interests of one rival faction against another, and even though it was vitally necessary for the delegates to reach a successful conclusion to the meeting, this was by no means certain.

In order to help, an alert was sent out to the Global Meditations Network email list, which, by the way, is extensive. The people were asked to take excessive energy off the Ring of Fire and transfer it as positive energy to the meeting place in Germany for the purpose of helping the Afghans sort out their problems and come up with a workable interim government.

Well, of course many of us closely followed the meeting via TV news and the newspapers, and yes, we saw that the meeting was rocky. Some delegates walked out but were later persuaded to return. Others would not agree to anything without first consulting by phone with their leaders in Afghanistan. For a few days, yes, indeed, it did not seem as if the outcome would be as we would want.

But, suddenly everything fell into place and the meeting concluded with an appointed interum Prime Minster and 29 cabinet members, among them, two women, and this was certainly a success for the female population of Afghanistan which had been draped in burkas and confined to the home by the Taliban.

When success was in hand, emails started coming in describing techniques some used to transfer energy from the Ring of Fire to Germany. One woman said she could actually see the energy going over on what she described as a bridge from the Ring of Fire to the big round conference table where the delegates were gathered.

Yes, I am encouraged by our apparent success, and I feel there will be other opportunities to do this type of transfer work.

Actually, today we are in effect transferring energy from ourselves to a great soup pot of energy called “World Peace”, and I can speak for the Global Meditations Netoork in that we are very happy to be involved with this work.



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