Two techniques for influencing the Chernobyl frequencies

Barbara Wolf



 With our minds, we can picture the poisoned frequencies and we can send them to our Sun. We can do this over and over and over again.

Between Chernobyl and our Sun, there is already a channel opened for the transmitting of the poisoned frequencies. You can use this channel.

Usually, it is to Mother Earth that we send negative frequencies, for she can readily change them into what I call ‘fertilizer’ frequencies for the health of the planet, but in the case of radiation frequencies, it is better to offer these to our Sun, which can handle them easily.


 2. USING THE LOVE FREQUENCY to alter the radiation frequencies at Chernobyl:

What happened at Chernobyl?

A combining of Mother Earth’s elements resulted in deadly fusion, and this deadly fusion has produced deadly results.

A Native American will tell you that a correct use of fusion produces the equation of Fusion Equals Love.

Therefore, a technique to change the results of deadly fusion is to change the equation so that the frequency of Love at Chernobyl is the ultimate result.

Love frequencies equal healthy frequencies.

How can one change frequencies?
By using the mind.

We all remember the Chernobyl event. Our newspapers and television has told us about the damaged reactor, the 116,000 forced to leave their homes, the sickness that came soon after the disaster. We have a picture of Chernobyl firmly imbedded in our minds, and this picture includes the frequency of Chernobyl.

With our minds, we can compose a new Chernobyl, one that is free of the poison, one that operates with the frequency of Love.

We can lay this new composition on the old composition, the poisoned frequency, and then we can strengthen the Chernobyl we have created. We can do this over and over and over again.

That is how we can change the frequency of the Chernobyl.

The mind is a fast learner. With a little practice, the mind can do what is asked.

December 2000, the technique of overlaying the Love frequency was used to change the Hiroshima, Japan, frequency that was influenced by deadly fusion in 1945.

It was done in Hiroshima: it can be done in Chernobyl.