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Here is an article that should give you some hope:

Nuclear Wildlife

Never in the history of the atom had there been an accident quite like this one. Up to 200 times as much radiation as Hiroshima. Today the land around Chernobyl is considered a "dead zone."

Scientist: "... the largest ghost town in the world."

And yet when Ron Chesser came with his research team, he was surprised to find that the dead zone was as rich as any wildlife preserves.

"This area is deceptively normal ... until you turn to the Geiger counter and spoil the mood, you really are struck by the beauty of this area."

The real surprise came when the scientists collected field mice of a species that had stayed in the area despite the accident. They were apparently thriving, despite massive radio activity found in their bodies in the lab.

"The first time we showed these results to other people, they simply said we made a mistake."

But they hadn't... and here is their theory: why the mice appear healthy. Deep in every cell of the mice, the DNA molecules, or genetic blue prints, are constantly being broken down by the radio activity all round them. Instead of dying, the animals are adapting ... their genes are mutating massively. The mice don't look any different, but in effect they are evolving more than a thousand times as fast as they normally would.

"What is surprising, as we see, as much evolution in the last 9 years as has occurred

...under natural conditions ... outside of the zone... over the last 8 million years."

A second Chernobyl study published today by another group finds genetic changes in people ... in the children of the families who lived downwind from the accident.

Those changes are much less dramatic than the one in the mice who lived inside the reactor itself. But put the studies together, scientists say there's a surprising implication.

"It says that a life is very resilient ...and It says the animals are adapted... and I'm sure ... I'm sure the mice living at Chernobyl ... are adapted to Chernobyl."

Researchers say they learned that, faced with some of the worst pollution on earth, life did not stop. It changed at the most basic genetic level and went on.

(Mike Potter, American Agenda)