NEW EDGAR CAYCE READINGS CD-ROM has a new version of the complete Edgar Cayce Readings CD-ROM available for Windows 95\98\2000\NT\ME\XP.

 Edgar Cayce was a great seer of the last century who was able to describe individuals he had never met, diagnose illnesses he was unfamiliar with, describe medical treatments he had had no previous knowledge of, and describe events of the past as well as give phophecies.

 The new version of Edgar Cayce Readings CD-ROM has several interesting features:

 1. Text-to voice option.

2. Table-of Contents laid out by categories and subcategories.

3. Search index includes all keywords in the readings and displays all relevant categories and sub categories.

4. References from the readings can be obtained by clicking to direct links.

5. The readings are presented in an Internet Explorer style browser for ease of use.

6. Each reading is split into five easy-to-navigate sections:

a. About -- time of reading, location, people present.

b. Text -- actual body of the reading.

c. Background -- circumstances behind the reading.

d. Reports -- events that transpired for individuals after receiving a reading from Cayce.

e. Index -- the keywords used in the reading with links to their location.

The CD ROM was created with the help of, and in association with, the Association For Research and Enlightenment (ARE), an organization dedicated to the Edgar Cayce readings. Their library and main headquarters is located in Virginia Beach, Virginia.