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E-mailed by Richard Jacobs

  "Light over Baghdad"

by David Spangler


Occasionally the inner world sends me a message I can't ignore and asks me to pass it on. This happened recently.

I was working about the house when I felt a familiar sensation that indicates someone on spiritual levels is about to communicate. It feels like a door opening to one side of me with a warm and friendly light shining through, bathing me in its energy.

The communication was a simple one, taking the form of an image. I saw the city of Baghdad. Rising over it was a small dome of Light. The feeling of this dome was that it was a portal through which a sacred Light and blessing could pour out into the city and beyond into the country of Iraq and the Middle East in general.

It felt to me like a similar portal that came into being above the site of the World Trade Towers right after their collapse on 9/11. At that time I felt and saw that a tremendous and loving sacrifice was being made, that the deaths that occurred that day would not be in vain but would hold open a doorway through which a spiritual power could pour into the earth.

I felt the same this time seeing this dome of Light growing in the midst of the turmoil, the pain, the suffering and the deaths in Baghdad and throughout Iraq. Something wondrous and blessed was taking place, emerging in part through the will of the citizens of that city and country to bring an end to the fighting and the dying. But I also saw that this portal was being held open and sustained by hundreds of souls--Iraqis, Americans, other nationalities, and even those who had been insurgents and terrorists--all of whom had died as a result of the Iraqi war.

Through an act of will and love, these individuals were choosing not to move on in the postmortem worlds but to remain close to earth to be instruments to open this portal through which healing and a sacred Light can be accessible to those of us on the physical side of life. They were adding their contribution to enable Baghdad to become a holy place, a place of peace and new vision. I had a strong sense that this dome of Light would continue to grow in the days ahead.

With this image came a request that I share it so that others who wished to do so might join their prayers for peace and healing to the Light of this dome and to the efforts of those brave and forgiving souls who, having moved, often violently, beyond the physical realm, have turned back to give us a gift of spirit. A simple act of visualizing this dome of Light in our minds and seeing its radiance spread through out Baghdad and the country beyond, pushing back darkness, fear and hatred, would be of great value.

May our spirits meet theirs in co-creation