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Channeled by Gillian MacBeth-Louthan

Welcome. We are the Pleiadian energies. It has been long since we merged with your Light, with your laughter, and with your beauty. We come forth on this day to help you integrate, digest and partake of truths concerning and revolving around the theme of Ascension. What it means? Why it is? Where it shall take you? On the evolutionary code and encodement of humanity, imagine a grand Ferris wheel of Light. On this Ferris wheel each one of you sits at a different octave, at a different longitude, a different latitude. Each individual wishes to move forward into a higher realization other than where they are residing and sitting.

The Soul holds within it the mechanics of forward movement. The self has you on a short leash. The self holds you in a pattern of not evolving or getting involved or accessing evolutionary codes to the future. The soul and only the soul is what moves you into the innate remembrance of ascension. The self is comfy where it lives and dines at this moment of thinking and does not have a need to move forward into another abode, or another truth.

The energy of ascension can only be achieved through physical incarnation. At this point in time, the Earth and the people upon her are the only ones attempting, thinking about or even pondering -- moving into ascension. Planet earth and all of her inhabitants are destined and designed to move into ascension. At this time there is a clone-like understanding of the thought, the word, and the energy of ascension. So many of humanity's understandings are revolving around non-truths. To most people of Earth, ascension has been a disappointment. Ascension is an ethereal thought that cannot be reached, is not understood fully, and cannot be appreciated by humans.

Ascension is a doorway of evolution. It is a doorway of moving forward into higher levels of your humanness - not letting go of your humanness, not letting go of the frailties, the understandings and the emotion associated with being human -- but letting go of the Karmic patterns that stay lodged in your energy fields thus separating your light from its final landing place of ascension.

By dislodging what keeps you less than, you move into more than an energy of ascension. Humanity's understanding of ascension is limited. You do not see the fullness of the spectrum. You do not understand the extremes and the many levels of movement that lead you into a wider understanding of your probabilities and your possibilities. For the essence of ascension invites you to dance with parts of your being that you have never danced with, parts of your being that you have side-stepped throughout time and space.

Ascension is primarily for those in physical form. Those in physical form have the honor of assisting all those in the higher levels of light to move ahead into even more evolution. What this means is that humanity is responsible for ascension. Your higher self is not responsible, your soul self is not responsible, and your light self is not responsible - for they are already in an ascension mode. It is the physical aspect of you that moves all the etheric levels of you up one more level. Each and every time planets/planetoids move into ascension - everything is awakened. All that is dormant, all that cannot be seen, all that is not thought of is brought to the surface to be realized, realigned, and re-invented into a finer line of thought. Thus, all aspects of humanity are pushed to the surface; they swell to the surface to be birthed. Ascension then is actually a birthing of humanity, a letting go of the past, a letting go of what was, and a moving forward into what will be. The doorways of ascension are only entered through human understandings, and then expanded exponentially through all other levels of existence - such as animals and plant life on the earth.

So every move that you make moving forward into more understanding of ascension affects every level of life that is in physical form. It is not only the humans that are walking into ascension but the animals, the plants, the water, the air, the dirt, the stones, the very fabric of Mother Earth's body changes in molecular makeup in order to insure a place at a higher light. Every doorway of healing that you experience within your life, within your thinking, within your emotional body, within your physical body is then experienced within the physical body of Mother Earth. Every level of your experience is felt in more than your thoughts, in more than your life, in more than your understanding.

Every time you energetically move into embracing a sadness, embracing an anger, creating a forgiveness then this is rippled out into the flesh of Mother Earth. And then ascension is germinated. Why do you need ascension? There is really no need for ascension, as you would perceive it. For you all know that you are here to physically be in form and that is the teaching, that is the learning, that is the school. Ascension is a carrot that is dangled in front of you. If you are good and you clear and you release and you heal - then you can move out of what seems stressful and negative - and move into a different molecular structure of the same morphogenetic field of probabilities. Ascension comes as a carrot. It can only be achieved and acquired through the physical - and not other levels of being. Thus, you are the Ascension Masters. You are the Ascension workers. You are the Ascension employees, shall we call it. As long as you are in physical incarnation, it is your job to move past the blockages and burdens that you have incurred and accrued. Each step forward assists not just you, but all other levels of humanity. Each step backward also affects the outcome of the whole.

So you must work harder and place more demands upon your own physical, emotional and spiritual self in order to achieve any movement whatsoever for the planet herself. There is a push me, pull me energy that is upon the earth. There are those who are afraid to move into more light, more knowledge, more wisdom. Because with that comes more responsibility, more trials and tribulations of a higher nature. They are comfortable wading and wandering about in their own human debris at this time and do not choose to move up whatsoever.

Then there are those that will do anything that it takes to assist earth, to assist the people, and to assist themselves. Without those dedicated souls Earth would have failed many years ago. Even though oft times they do not think that they have received much for all their plodding and purposefulness in enlightenment - they have. They have received better health. They have received more love and heart opening. They have received blessings from the angels and blessings in their life over and over again. Miracles upon miracles will land upon and within their lives as long as they continue to move forward in an ascension pattern. Continuing to push, prod, and pull the rest of humanity into remembrance.

For even when there comes a time of separation - and there is a possibility of this - those that have worked and understood the energy of light - will move into a completely different frequency than those who have chosen to stay and partake of their own negativity and hopelessness. We are hoping that will not happen - but at this time there is still a divide and separation energy upon the Earth's frequency. As separating two Siamese twins that do not wish to be separated. You pull, they pull - and in-between there is very little accomplished.

In your consciousness we ask you to visualize the rest of the earth relaxing their pull, relaxing their energies, and allowing you the freedom to assist them in more ascension patterns. Earth cannot be assisted by anything or anyone outside of herself. All of this must be accomplished by the inhabitants of this blue-green sphere you live upon and not by the angels or the Christ or the Lords of Karma. All of the chess pieces are on your side of the board. You are playing against yourself. You are playing against time. You are playing against energy. When you are experiencing goodness and Godness and pleasure - and those around you are not - it is not your job to lower your energies, your frequencies, your head and your heart and be ashamed of the good that lives in your life. It is important to acknowlege the goodness that has come into your life. For by acknowledging the goodness that comes forth into your life, you give others -- hope. Sometimes that hope comes in a green-eyed-ness to begin with - but then eventually the hope takes hold and they begin to look upward, instead of downward at circumstance.

Ascension is primarily taking out all of the trash of self of past, present, and future - taking out all fear and living in a place of grace and of peace. That is your natural state of being. And that is what ascension is to planet earth. Finally achieving a point of light and a point of understanding where you are comfortable in whom you are and what you understand truth to be.

As you find more peace and comfort in your life, many around you may act up and out. Trying to keep you from holding on to that peace, from holding on to that joy, and from achieving a state of grace. The more you achieve this peace and grace - the more others will be aggravated. They will see it as complacency. They will see it as detachment. But you will know what it truly is. Little by little you will find that your ascension frequency will be upgraded. One day you will know that you have surpassed 70% of your Karma and are now entering a permanent natural state of grace and a state of peace. You are holding the light for the future, the light for what is to come - not the light for what is dissolving and deleting and what is distasteful at this moment. We are the Pleiadians. Understand the essence of ascension as more than you could possibly know or could be explained to you. You only enter the 1st level of it, the schematics of it, the blueprints of it goes on through space and time. You just entered the first doorway as you clear more and more what takes up space in your heart, what takes up space in your mind, and what takes up space in your day. We are the Pleiadians and we go at this time.