Nature Spirits/Malaysia


Background from Barbara:
World War II, when the winds of war blew over the land of Malaysia, the people were uprooted from a balanced way of living with the earth. Today there are still problems stemming from that time.

In addition, the demand for lumber to serve the world's markets brought destruction to the rainforests of Malaysia. The trees were cut down, and the roots of the trees, earth's physical grid system, were lifeless. The Nature Spirits of the forest lived in disarray or had fled.

July 20, l998, with the help of Antares, two entites in another part of the world began working on the rainforests of Malaysia.

A message from the Nature Spirits was received by Antares in Malaysia, July 24, l998.

Because this message contains a reference to what is happening to Mother Earth and Humans at this moment in time, it is felt that this information should be shared with the world.
From the Nature Spirits to Antares of Malaysia:

Greetings, Ceremonial Guardian ...

 We are the guardian spirits of the forest speaking as a single voice.

Thank you for the effort you have made to assist our healing and renewal.

We are evolving too... into a higher frequency of being, even as the

physical realms are ascending. Together we move into a new octave, as a

wave of light, of understanding, of greater awareness.


Our friends, the light beings whom you call Barbara & Mary, have

transferred much information into our memory banks, and their songs have

touched our hearts. We are ready to continue our mission of preservation

& protection of the lifeforms that constitute the ecosystem of your

bioregion, specifically in the vicinity of the sacred mountain. Let the

new octave sound across the heavens, let the song of creation be heard

anew throughout the spheres...


We sing of beauty, joy & completion...


We dance in the light of many suns eternally.


We now embrace you within our collective soul and welcome you to our

inner sanctum.


Blessed be.